Email the Honor Court!

Thank you to everyone who signed and shared our petition asking the UNC Honor Court to drop its charges against Maya Little. In less than a week, we received over 3,800 signatures, and the numbers continue to climb.

Let’s make sure our Honor Court officials do not ignore our petition. Please support Maya by emailing Aisha Pridgen, Director of the Office of Student Conduct ( and Courtney Bain, Graduate and Professional School Student Attorney General ( Keep your emails strong yet respectful; do not engage in personal insults or profanity.

While personalized emails may be more impactful, feel free to use  some or all of the following form text if you prefer.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Dear Ms. Pridgen and Ms. Bain,

I am writing to ask you to drop the charges against anti-racist activist Maya Little. The University of North Carolina should not use its Honor Court to silence political activism or to retaliate against students who speak publicly about institutional racism at UNC. Your prosecution of Maya is unjust and unnecessary considering:

  • She already faces charges in regular court
  • The Honor Court has not prosecuted students who painted Silent Sam in the context of sports rivalries
  • Silent Sam is illegal; it violates the Civil Rights Act by creating a racially hostile learning environment
  • UNC police have not faced consequences for destroying protesters’ property (a series of historical markers aimed to educate the public about white supremacy on campus) the day they arrested Maya

For fundraising purposes, UNC claims to celebrate diversity. Yet the case against Maya fits a troubling pattern; in a predominantly white university, 56% of all academic Honor Court cases are against students of color. UNC’s Honor Court should be an instrument of justice, not a tool of institutional racism.

I am one of thousands who have signed a petition asking you to drop the charges against Maya Little. I hope our community’s widespread support for Maya will encourage you to reflect upon and reverse your decision to prosecute her.

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