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Press on the UNC Honor Court Charges against Maya

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UNC Historian Fitz Brundage on Confederate Memorials

UNC Historian William Sturkey on Julian Carr

UNC Historian Malinda Maynor Lowery on why “Silent Sam isn’t sacred. But the blood on him is.”

UNC Historian Lloyd Kramer’s “Why Silent Sam doesn’t destroy knowledge” in response to Edward M. Yoder, Jr.’s “Attacking Confederate monuments echo the prejudice it condemns”

UNC PhD Student Kelly McArdle on “Confederate Statues and the Misuse of Classics at UNC-Chapel Hill”

The Press on Maya Little

Nick Martin, “There’s Always Been Blood on UNC’s Confederate Statue,” The Concourse-Deadspin

Martha Quillin, “She turned to action against Silent Sam after years of talk got her nowhere, protestor says,” The News & Observer

Vimal Patel, “Chapel Hill’s New Civil War,” The Chronicle of Higher Education

Timothy Pulliam, “UNC student explains why she defaced Silent Sam Confederate monument with blood,” ABC11

Morgan Gstalter, “Protestor Arrested for Dousing Confederate Statue with Blood,” The Hill

“Protestor Says She Defaced a Confederate Monument on Campus,” The New York Times

Will Michaels, “UNC Student Douses Confederate Monument with Blood and Red Ink,” WUNC

Tristan Dufresne, “Activist Who Threw Ink and Blood On Silent Sam Cuffed By UNC Police,” Piedmont Sundial

“Supporters Back ‘Silent Sam’ Protester in Court” WRAL

“UNC Doctoral Student Maya Little Poured Red Paint on Confederate Statue in Protest,” Democracy Now

Will Michaels interviews Maya Little for WUNC

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Graffiti on Silent Sam by the UNC University Archives

“Silent Sam’s Long History of being Painted” Twitter thread by Adam Domby

UNC’s Department of History statement and links to contextualize Silent Sam