As faculty members we support the statement, below, signed by 40 professors in the History Department.

As members of the History Department and the broader UNC campus community, we write to reaffirm our belief that the 1913 monument known as Silent Sam is a festering wound on the campus. Abundant historical research documenting its racist origins makes clear there is no place for such a monument on a campus that claims to welcome all of its diverse members. We support our student and colleague Maya Little and other members of the campus community who employ their right to use non-violent civil disobedience to protest this affront to the Carolina Way.

Altha Cravey, Geography

Sara Smith, Geography

Scott Kirsch, Geography

Andrew Curley, Geography

Betsy Olson, Geography

Sherryl Kleinman, Sociology (Emerita)

Neal Caren, Sociology

Trude Bennett, Public Health (Emerita)

Beth Moracco, Department of Health Behavior

Mara Buchbinder, Social Medicine

Barbara Friedman, School of Media and Journalism

Karen Booth, Women’s and Gender Studies

Tanya Shields, Women’s and Gender Studies

Ariana Vigil, Women’s and Gender Studies

Paul Jones, School of Information and Library Science

Beth Grabowski, Art

elin slavick, Art

Hong-An Truong, Art

Sabine Gruffat, Art

Victoria Rovine, Art and Art History

Cathy Zimmer, Odum Institute

Michael Palm, Communication

Rob Hamilton, Communication

Patricia Parker, Communication

Renée Alexander Craft, Communication & Global Studies

Natalia Chernysheva, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Priscilla Layne, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Eric Downing, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

George Noblit, School of Education

John McGowan, English

Maria DeGuzman, English

Elyse Crystall, English

Jennifer Ho, English

Inga Pollmann, Comparative Literature

Maxine Eichner, School of Law

Erika K. Wilson, School of Law

Deborah M. Weissman, School of Law

Patricia Sawin, American Studies

Sharon Holland, American Studies

Daniel M. Cobb, American Studies

Seth Kotch, American Studies

Glenn Hinson, Anthropology and American Studies

Arturo Escobar, Anthropology

Don Nonini, Anthropology

Margaret Wiener, Anthropology

Florence Babb, Anthropology

Chris Nelson, Anthropology

Jocelyn Chua, Anthropology

Townsend Middleton, Anthropology

Angela Stuesse, Anthropology, Global Studies, Latina/o Studies

Dylan J. Clark, Research Laboratories of Archaeology

Michal Osterweil, Global Studies

Allison DeMarco, FPG/School of Social Work

Deborah Barrett, School of Social Work

Anne Jones, School of Social Work

Josh Hinson, School of Social Work

Mary Anne Salmon, School of Social Work

Lauren Leve, Religious Studies

David Pier, African, African American and Diaspora Studies

Barbara Anderson, African, African American and Diaspora Studies

Maya Berry, African, African American and Diaspora Studies

Marc Lange, Philosophy

Gillian Russell, Philosophy

Susan Bickford, Political Science

Navin Bapat, Political Science

Rahsaan Maxwell, Political Science

Milada Anna Vachudova, Political Science and Global Studies

Cecilia Martinez-Gallardo, Political Science

Frank R. Baumgartner, Political Science

Graeme Robertson, Political Science

Stephen Lich, Economics

Michael Behrent, History, Appalachian State University