Carolina Young Democratic Socialists Support Maya

We, Carolina Young Democratic Socialists of America, stand with and support Maya Little. We stand with her and her protest of the administration’s inaction and defense of white supremacy.

We are appalled by Chancellor Folt’s silence, and her refusal to listen to Silent Sam Sit-In organizers and students. Worse, the administration spends $1,700 per day surveilling the statue, and has sent campus police to infiltrate student groups undercover. This money could be going to far better use than abuse of student’s rights, and African-American safety.

We also condemn Folt for distancing herself from her actions once again by forcing campus workers to answer the work order directed at her. As Maya brilliantly articulated, “the blood is on your hands, Chancellor.”

Silent Sam is a violent icon of the Confederacy, erected by a Jim Crow regime. So long as Silent Sam remains, Carol Folt, the UNC Administration, and the Board of Governors are culpable in the white supremacist violence it sanctifies. This includes the specifically racist attacks in Charleston in 2015, the shooting of Parkland High School in Florida by self-proclaimed white-supremacist Nikolas Cruz, and the many other increasingly common attacks across America.

We stand with Maya Little in demanding action from Folt, our administration, and our university. Silent Sam has got to go.


In solidarity,

Carolina Young Democratic Socialists


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